Monday, September 10, 2012

Tyson Grumm: Paintings on View at Obsolete, Venice

Last Saturday evening, I had the opportunity to head out with my dear friend Lynn Russell who was on the mission to see the latest incarnation of Clara, the rhinoceros.  Yep, I said it: Clara, the rhinoceros.  It just so happened that American born artist, Tyson Grumm had come across an image from an earlier work done with Clara and decided to use her as a subject for one of his latest works being shown at Obsolete, Inc, Venice, CA where the guests had preview of the latest paintings by this talented contemporary artist with some pretty fantastic dreams on display.
As I am from the home of the Ringling Circus folks, I immediately had fascination to Grumm's paintings.  With a lady contorting on her back on top of a crocodile while a flamingo perches over the snout.  Hence, with my background, it was not hard for me to appreciate the subject of his work with incredible details. 
Working with acrylic paints and mixed media, Grumm will incorporate maps and other found materials in his work, as in the case with Clara.  He builds upon the fantastic and into a bizarre cacophony of the surreal.
The eclectic Obsolete, Venice gallery space was the appropriate destination for Grumm's latest exhibition where his surreal paintings come to life within the space shared with other artist's work including Tom Haney's incredible mechanical displays and Harris Diamant sculptures. But, the inspiring work from Grumm will keep you engaged for hours, if you let it.

I am highly recommending this exhibit of the artist's work for you to check out.  Obsolete is located at 222 Main Street, Venice 90291.
Tyson Grumm, painter(L) with Lynn Russell(R) at reception

Images courtesy of artist and gallery.

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