Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An Edward H. Fickett Home for Ray Kappe

Kappe Residence, Edward H. Fickett, FAIA, 1959

Back in 1959, Edward H. Fickett, FAIA had built this home for another famed architect, Ray Kappe, FAIA with whom Fickett found with a similar taste for the mid-century modern.  Known as the area in Sherman Oaks west of the 405 Freeway identified as Royal Woods, you can find this spacious 2,569sf home atop of the hills with a view.

Fickett always had a knack for light and open ceilings quite a bit with his designs.  His entry's are always found to have his slatted wood above creating shadows in a playful manner.  With the Fickett red showcasing the wood beams. 
Fickett's design philosophy would allow him to carry a design theme through the interior and out to the exterior as exemplified by the mason wall which we can see in the above photo.
With clerestory windows allowing diffused light, you are always happy inside a Fickett design.  Windows were truly essential in his design: clerestory, floor-to-ceiling, port-hole windows and my favorite, the peek-a-boo window used with a sense of humor 9 times out of ten. 
You will always find the open floor plan a signature as he was the first to introduce the open kitchen area exposed to the living area.  He never thought it right to have someone in the kitchen and out of conversations reach. 
The comfortably spacious bedrooms of this house are just a knock-out with views a plenty.  This 4 bedroom / 2.75 bath home was work done for pleasure. 

Fickett also enjoyed having lush gardens, lily pad walk-ways, fountains and pools.  This home does not have a pool, but many of the other design attributes the architect was passionate are included.  Fickett was an incredible architect with degrees in Urban Planning, Architecture, Ceramics, Landscape Architecture...  The list just doesn't end.  Fickett knew his stuff and has to be THE most underrated architect of the mid-century.  Of course, you all know I am going to change that and try and bring as much notation to his work as possible for a man who made a huge impression upon the mid-century modern landscape of Los Angeles architecture.

As this home is not for sale, I am able to introduce you to work that is available and on market.  Give me a call if you are looking for an Edward H. Fickett, FAIA piece of architecture.  As a close representative of the estate, there are not many other agents out there in the know of his work and where to find it.  Ahem, ahem.  I take pride in my explorations of this Master's work and delight in engaging conversation about him.  My goal is to experience all 60,000+ buildings designed by my hero.  Stay tuned for more. 


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