Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wings of A Bird Clipped: Moore House Demolished for New Mediterranean Design

It is official.  Yesterday, April 25, 2012, the Moore House was demolished after the LA Conservancy lost in their last ditch efforts to save the one-of-a-kind home designed by Llyod Wright, son of Frank Llyod Wright in 1958.  The City Council denied the preservation efforts and instead sided with owners Mark and Barbara Paullin in order for the owners to build a Mediterranean design on the site in Palos Verdes Estates.  The Paullin's have stated on numerous occasion they only bought the house known as the "Bird of Paradise House" for the views.  It was always their intent to build something of their own.  Unfortunately, it comes without much visionary direction as the new design is very generic and true to the other homes with similar aesthetic. 

Moore House, 1958 - Lloyd Wright

Owner, Mark Paullin, at the demolition site with visitors.

The wings of the bird have been clipped.

Grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright,  Eric Lloyd Wright, remembers the home and of a time when he and his father worked side by side. A third-generation architect, he helped craft the Moore house and still marvels over his father's design.  "It is, I think, one of his best," referring to his father's design. "It will be a great loss if that house is removed and another large box is put in its place."

As I have been an advocate of saving this home since June of 2010, it breaks my heart to see another mid-century modern being torn down through demolition.  Very very sad.

photos courtesy LA Times.