Wednesday, February 29, 2012

AG Harris: "Good-Faith" Pause While Introducing "Homeowner Bill of Rights"

Huffington Post and DS News learn of letter sent by California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, requesting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to halt foreclosures in the state while Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) considers whether principal reductions are an appropriate strategy for the GSEs. 
California Attorney General, Kamala Harris
Harris states, "about a half million homes in California have been foreclosed, and another half million are either in foreclosure or on the brink of foreclosure."  In light of the national development in the settlement where principal reductions were discussed, California homeowners with mortgages from Fannie or Freddie are not included within the first round of discussions.  Currently, 60 percent of homeowners in California have mortgages backed by Fannie and Freddie.  Hence, Harris has requested a moratorium while further discussions continue with the Acting Director of FHFA, Edward DeMarco.

With DeMarco's recent analysis noting ultimately, Foreclosures never serve the long-term interest of the taxpayer when compared to Principal Reduction methods with forbearance ensuring better returns for investors while the $18 billion share of the national plan would not cover the needs of California. 

Harris along with Senate President Pro Tem, Darrel Steinberg and Assembly Speaker John A. Prez will announce the "Homeowner Bill of Rights" today.  The deal would benefit an estimated 466,000 homeowners in California.  

With this initiative, Harris is to announce sponsorship of six bills designed to guarantee: 
  • Basic standards of fairness in the mortgage process, including an end to dual-track foreclosures
  • Transparency in the mortgage process, including a single point of contact for homeowners 
  • Community tools to prevent blight after banks foreclose upon homes
  • Tenant protections after foreclosures 
  • Enhanced law enforcement to defend homeowner rights - paid for by fees imposed on banks 
  • A special grand jury to investigate financial and foreclosure crime

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Forbes Announces Housing Has Hit Bottom

This is encouraging news from S&P/Case-Shiller Report with interpretation by Forbes' writer, Steve Schaefer as to the market's state as of the moment.  As we see market hit bottom, do not expect prices to start climbing anytime soon.  Forecasters predicting as the housing market fully restores, prices will then follow.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Duchamp the Messenger" Lecture Series with Thierry de Duve at MAK Center

Duchamp the Messenger
A seminar with art historian Thierry de Duve

Beginning Saturday, February 25, 3-5 PM
(Then running every Monday evening 
from March 5 - April 30, 7-9 PM)

Mackey Garage Top
at the Mackey Apartments
1137 S. Cochran Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90019

The MAK Center is excited to host a free form, ten-session seminar with art historian Thierry de Duve on the passage from the Fine Arts system to the contemporary art world, which de Duve calls the "Art-in-General" system. Each lecture will focus on a particular episode in this passage and its theoretical interpretation, ranging from the 19th century French Salon to the birth and death of 'non-art', or from theories of the avant-garde to opposing readings of minimal art.

The MAK Center for Art & Architecture at the Schindler House is located at 835 N. Kings Road in West Hollywood. Public hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 11 AM-6 PM. Regular admission is $7/$17 with the guidebook, Schindler By MAK; students and seniors, $6/$16 with book; free for Friends of the MAK Center and on Fridays, 4-6 PM. Parking is available at the public structure at the northeast corner of Kings Road and Santa Monica Boulevard.

For further information, please visit or call (323) 651-1510

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Carefree California: Cliff May & the Romance of the Ranch" Exhibit Opens

Cliff May
(photo: University Art Museum/UC Santa Barbara)
‘Carefree California: Cliff May and the Romance of the Ranch’ opens this Sunday, February 26, and runs through June 17 at UC Santa Barbara’s Art, Design & Architecture Museum. 
The May exhibition uses drawings, models, magazine ads, pamphlets, film clips, and more to bring to life May’s transformation of the Spanish Colonial adobes he knew from his boyhood into the open-plan, glass-walled ranches he made his own.

May called his houses “modern homes for traditional Californians.”

The exhibit will put May into context, focusing on wartime industry, the growth of California, and on contemporary architects.

The show is part of ‘Pacific Standard Time,’ a series of exhibits at many museums and galleries, focusing on mid-century California art and design.

The museum is open Wednesdays through Sundays, noon to 5 pm, and admission is free.

1350 Hayworth Continues: Will Outcome Be Affordable?

Once again, residents of the Edward H. Fickett, FAIA designed, Hollywood Riviera and other supportive neighbors attended the City Council meeting as 1350 N Hayworth Avenue found itself back on the Council’s agenda after the continuance from the September 6, 2011 Council meeting. The neighbors were not alone as the developers and architect, Jay Vanos, who presented to the chamber a second version of their proposed plans to Council, were in attendance. Everyone was there for the same reason; what is the fate of 1350 N Hayworth Avenue, and whether it affordable?
West Hollywood City Council meets to discuss 1350 N. Hayworth Ave.
First to present was staff who basically presented more of the same re-hashed, re-tooled Staff Report.  Noted was the fact no one from City Staff reached out to any of the neighbors of Hayworth or the historical Hollywood Riviera next door.  Council member Land was the first to question the communication to residents during the latest 6 months of redesign of the proposed development.  Staff replied they were not specifically told to do so.  Nor did staff take much of the public comment all ready presented last year when reviewing the recent designs while working closely with the developer and architect for months.  Did they not hear the comments and take notes from prior meetings like the rest of us?  They came across looking foolish.  This, after a Planning Commission meeting on the basics of Land-Use last week addressing bias, community input and other basics of Staff reports and responsibilities? Clearly, McIntosh needs to evaluate her staff.

Residents and Council seemed to have a similar perspective of a building with less mass and better suitability to the street. The developer has a right to build and entitled to build a four-story building due to the ordinance litigation originating in 2007.  Regardless, the same elephant sits in the room.
Land Questions Staff on Resident Outreach with Design
As conversation from Council commented, Heilman noted that anyway you have it, development at 1350 N Hayworth Avenue is going to happen and never would affordable housing be a part of this particular site, whether we liked it or not.  Mayor Duran had a different perspective stating the issue would only find itself in further litigation.  He may be right and Heilman could be overwhelmingly wrong.

Simply put, affordable housing could most certainly be accommodated on that site located at 1350 N. Hayworth Avenue.  They just have to buck up the cash and pay off the developer for wasting the people’s time and the developer’s time and efforts.  The city is no immune to litigation and this particular case is a “WOW-sa!” kind of unique situation that has long lasting recourse judicially. It would make most sense to evaluate the pros and cons of settling with the developer and pay the guys deserved money due and give the neighbors some dignity within preserving cultural heritage.
Hogan and Arevalo Discuss
This would be time litigation would actually be embraced by the community!  Versus shudder and ask, how did we get into this mess?  Again it all questions City Manager, Arevalo and City Attorney, Michael Jenkins abilities to drive the ship properly and wisely with economic restraint and thoughtful legal advisement.  Same tune, different channel.

Mayor Duran started his conversation by addressing the litigation involved with this particular site due to the Moratorium Ordinance initiated by Duran and Prang in 2007, suspending all demolition permits.

Take note this battle between City and developer began in 2007.  It is now 5 years since the developer applied for their demolition permit.  The City tried to shut them down early on and the developer’s rightfully fought back.  To a small degree you have to appreciate the spirit for taking on the city management and legal counsel to let the courts ultimately decide.  The City was wrong and the judgment was appealed in favor of the developer. The City had no other choice than to work with the developer or pay them out.  No one seems to be happy with the litigation and time involved.
(L-R) Prang, Duran, Arevalo, Land & Heilman
With public and Council support of retaining the charm and significance of Hayworth Avenue, it’s important to note Hayworth Avenue is, for the most, one of the last untouched and preserved streets in West Hollywood.  You walk down the sidewalk and gain a true sense of the community with its eclectic nature of historic buildings and glow of yesteryear.

Why not stop this ‘Mad Max’ of a train and let everyone get off, instead of going back to the table and having the developer not budging on a four-story design because of legal entitlement, and the neighbors and council only finding the mass and scale of a three-story building suitable for a historic neighborhood?
John D'Amico pensively reviews plans
When Council member D’Amico was on Planning, he was successful in transforming the beautiful Hancock Firehouse into affordable housing.  That made sense fiscally as well as part of a true effort to create affordable housing through sustainable measures.  That’s what redevelopment is all about, introducing development through initiatives that make sense to everyone involved.  The 1350 N Hayworth Avenue site is a very unusual site having a historic building next door and an ongoing litigation with the developer.

The City actually has a chance of doing good on something gone bad.

In the case of 1350 N Hayworth Avenue, everyone who has been involved with this for the past five years is certainly fed up with the continuance given to the agenda item so the City can crack open the same demons as last year and the year before and the year before that…

This is the one time you say, buck up and PAY!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

City Manager Salary Breakdown

With continued scrutiny over what is being paid to City Manager, Paul Arevalo, it is important to understand three things: City/population averages, pension pitfalls and reporting of salary.  Mr. Arevalo fell into his position in 1999, after serving the city as Assistant City Manager, a move more times than not taken by a City when a Manager leaves office.  Due to the lack of qualified candidates in California, it places cities into corners where at times have to find the right candidate who understands the intricacies of the environment to make a smooth transition.  By now means is replacing a City Manager an easy task.  Some California cities have spent over $50,000 with the search taking up to a year.  Most municipalities cannot afford the time.  Time is money, and with my evaluation of West Hollywood’s City Manager, nothing is truer.

In 2010, the State Controller released new salary reporting requirements to California cities, directing them to clearly identify elected officials' and public employees' compensation.  The authority to collect this information is granted under Government Code sections 12463 and 53892.  Through this resource, we now have access and more transparency within local government. 

WeHo’s Warranted Wages?

Should Arevalo, a hired official, receive a salary, close to $300,000, not to mention his generous pension, comprehensive health and life insurance packages, car and phone allowances and other perks unrecorded or disclosed?  High-paid city employees have become focus on local government salaries and pension packages.  Attention is drawn to the highest positions in West Hollywood, which are City Manager ($295,870), Assistant City Manager ($223,688), Directors of Human Services ($214,319), Director of Public Information & Prosecution Services ($202,912) and Director of Public Works ($201,258). 

Again, each of these high-paid positions comes with a healthy “package” associated with their employment and retirement.  For example, in 2010 Mr. Arevalo was paid an additional $23,651 in Pension Contribution, $13,692 deferred Compensation, $14,522 in health care provisions, 6,100 in car allowance and a “defined benefit” pension formula of 2.7%@55 where at age 55 Mr. Arevalo would collect 2.7% of his wages times the years of employment to gouge the city more.   He has hit over 20 years of employment with the city.

We are seeing more and more cities reducing the pension formula percentage from 2 to 2.5 percent along with increasing the year of retirement from 55 to 67.  Until changes are made in West Hollywood, the course is equally daunting in evaluating the performance along with the salary of Mr. Arevalo.  It is a hefty price tag for someone who has created more litigation on behalf of the city in the last few years to double the costs for the City Attorney and Legal Services.    With the litigation scent in the air, the direction my nose goes towards is lack of proper management. 
Troubling West Hollywood Legal Services for increased litigation in the past few years.
As a standard, we shall review 2010 findings due to the most accurate U.S. Census.  The Pacific Coast states and California average base salary for city managers is $144,806 with an average population of 25,000 to 49,999.  For a community size of 50,000 to 100,000 residents, the salary is a slightly higher $150,522.

2010 Figures:
City                          Population    City Manager Salary    Salary/Pop.
Culver City                  43,000              $293,478                    9.15
Palm Springs              48,000              $211,000                     4.39
Pasadena                  151,000              $270,937                    1.79
Santa Monica              97,000              $300,814                    3.10 
West Hollywood          34,000              $295,870                    8.70

Problems with Pensions 

Even Pasadena where Mr. Arevalo resides has seen their City Management salaries and pension packages reviewed and reduced due to the costs associated with the pension assets falling short of the obligations to retirees.  Palm Springs has had to reassess their City Manager position and salary.  The latest scrutiny is coming from Sana Diego with pension overhaul becoming a political hot button drawing eyes nationally.  Bell was only the beginning of the outrageous.  Now, municipalities are evaluating wages and pension plans to figure out a way to fix the shortfalls.  If adjustments are not made, the greater the risk for failure in pay-outs.  In the case of Arevalo and his clan in City Hall, we are looking at a very sizable sum.  As example, Arevalo is given a 'Defined Plan" pension formula of 2.7%@55.  

(2010 Salary  x  2.7%)   x   Yrs of Employ   =   “Defined Plan” Pension Payout
($295,870   x   2.7%)   x   23Yrs   =   $159,770

Not too shabby for a guy who also has deep relations with major developers in the area.

At the state level, Governor Jerry Brown has put forth a pension reform plan changing retirement ages from 55 to 67, replacing current “defined benefit” pensions with a hybrid program also including a 401(K)-like contribution component, prohibiting retroactive pension increases, requiring all employees to contribute 50 percent or more of their pensions, along with other points.  Pensions are the new dirty word for local governments as they have become more and more liable with time.  Questions of will there be money 25-35 years down the road with the course currently taken are being evaluated along with the value associated with a City Manager and Assistant City Manager, as well as City Attorneys? 

With corporate salary climbing having been kept to a minimum in the last few decades, it seems very odd a city with 34,000 people should be paying outrageously high salaries for it’s city employees.  The City’s job descriptions are much too vacant to warrant the six figure salaries and pensions being doled out.  Is a man who is responsible for millions of dollars of escalation of costs over the Master Plan and litigation expenses, along with not able to wrangle simple budgets and costs associated with event planning, as seen in the Christopher Street Report that had no financials to speak of in front of City Council recently. 

It is the thriving businesses and tax dollars generated along with area homeowners that deserve the championing of sorts.  While we are at it, we should probably recognize all those individuals who received the $10 million dollars worth of parking fines, meter fines and camera citations.  Each year, this line seems to grow larger and larger.  These folks are the ones truly responsible for the way the city is moving, not Arevalo. 

For a guy who continually nods off during Council meetings, I personally think he and others are over paid.  At the end of the day in 2010, Arevalo walks away with a total of $513,605 ($353,835 + $159,770 Pension after age 55).  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Filmmaker James Benning at MAK Center

A book launch for 
"(FC) Two Cabins by JB"
A publication on the recent work of filmmaker 
James Benning

Tuesday, February 21, 2012  6:30-8:30 PM
Conversation at 7 PM sharp

MAK Center
at the Schindler House
835 N. Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Suggested donation of $7
Free for Friends of the MAK Center

Please join the MAK Center and A.R.T. Press on Tuesday, February 21 at the Schindler House to celebrate the launch of (FC) Two Cabins by JB, a project-based publication that documents and analyzes a recent body of work by critically acclaimed filmmaker James Benning, edited by Julie Ault.

Benning reconstructed Henry David Thoreau's and Ted Kaczynski's iconic cabins, and uses these structures to reflect on utopian and dystopian versions of social isolation, practices of dissent, nonprescriptive ways of living, and the politics of solitude. The book includes photography by Benning, essays by Ault, Benning, and Dick Hebdige, and extracts from both Thoreau's and Kaczynski's writings.

A conversation with Julie Ault, James Benning, and Dick Hebdige will begin at 7 PM.

For more information about (FC) Two Cabins by JB please visit

About A.R.T. Press
A.R.T. Press is the publishing arm of Art Resources Transfer, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing access to the arts through publishing and the free distribution of books to public libraries and schools in underserved communities nationwide (D.U.C. Library Program).

The MAK Center for Art & Architecture at the Schindler House is located at 835 N. Kings Road in West Hollywood. Public hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 11 AM-6 PM. Regular admission is $7/$17 with the guidebook, Schindler By MAK; students and seniors, $6/$16 with book; free for Friends of the MAK Center and on Fridays, 4-6 PM. Parking is available at the public structure at the northeast corner of Kings Road and Santa Monica Boulevard.

For further information, please visit or call (323) 651-1510

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Palm Springs Modernism Week 2012 Lights Up

The City of Palm Springs kicks off Modernism Week 2012 by shining light on seven significant mid-century modern facades along Palm Canyon Drive, starting north to south through uptown and downtown Palm Springs tonight from 4-6pm.

When the switch is flipped, seven designated mid-century modern buildings will illuminate throughout the modern evenings of the next ten days.  Being showcased are:

The Palm Springs Visitors Center
2901 N Palm Canyon Dr
Originally the Tramway Gas Station by Frey and Chambers, 1965. Now the Palm Springs Visitor Center.
Dr. Kaplan's Medical Clinic
1492 N Palm Canyon Dr

House 849
849 N Palm Canyon Dr

Lane Building
666 N Palm Canyon Dr

Oasis Tower
121 S Palm Canyon Dr

The Palm Springs Art Museum's Edward Harris Center for Architecture (1960)
(Formerly Santa Fe Federal Savings and Loan)
Designed by E. Stewart Williams, 
also known for the Sinatra House (1947) 
and the Edris House (1953) located in Palm Springs.

Bank of America
588 S Palm Canyon Dr

Paul Arevalo: A City Manager's Performance Anxiety

West Hollywood City Manager, Paul Arevalo
When it comes to community, it is important that we all share in voicing our concerns over how chosen leaders and employees perform in their capacity on a scheduled basis.  It is now time for the West Hollywood City Manager, Paul Arevalo, to have his job performance reviewed by the Council this evening, Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 6:30pm in the 1st floor Community Room of City Hall.  Sniff, sniff, I smell Bell Hell coming down the street.

This meeting is not under the Brown Act, as Mr. Arevalo is an employee and is entitle to have a closed session meeting versus a review in front of the public, per se.  Hence, public opinion most definitely can be expressed during this time while being heard by the Council.  What other times do we have to focus on discussion surrounding the performance or the lack there of, of Mr. Arevalo.  

When reviewing the 2011-2012 Budget submitted by Mr. Arevalo, it is noted the City Manager manages to make $568,402 in salary with fringes covering retirement, social security and payroll taxes.  With such a small city reaching 1.9 miles of area, I have to question the exorbitant amount being paid to this hired official overseeing the community at large?

As I have stated before, there is a sense of Bell going on in West Hollywood.  The Sacramento Bee points to its database where you can look up various salaries of California City Managers.
Created with Caspio

Definitions for the Detail Salary Report:

Pension Formula: Shows the amount a city manager gets upon retirement based on salary and years of service. For instance, a city manager retiring at 55 after 30 years of service in a "2 @ 55" plan would get 60 percent of her salary in annual pension benefits.

Employer Retirement Contribution:
Any amount of the employee’s share of pension contribution paid by the employer.

Deferred Compensation:
Any amount the employer contributed to a deferred compensation plan, such as a 401(k) style plan, on behalf of the employee.

Back in August of 2010, the Los Angeles Times wrote an article revealing the fact Weho's salary for City Manager makes it the highest per capita salary in the country, "The Times analysis found cities with more residents and larger budgets tended to pay their chief executives more, but the exceptions were more notable than the rule. West Hollywood, a city of 36,000, had one of the county’s highest payouts: Paul Arevalo earned $285,496 last year."  Not only was Arevalo's 2010 payout one of the highest in California, but it also tops the nation in highest paid City Manager's.  The corruption of the City of West Hollywood is supported if not established by Arevalo.  Take notes folks, because tonight you are able to question the actions of this man and the allowance by the City Council members.
L-R Mike Jenkins, City Attorney; Paul Arevalo, City Manager & John D'Amico, Council Member
I am not sure where the Sacramento Bee and Los Angeles Times got the information pertaining to Mr. Arevalo's salary, perhaps the foolish fodder the City feeds people and organizations, but when I look at the West Hollywood 2011-2012 budget, I am faced with much different figures than those reported to the paper, back in 2010.  With the budget presenting figures for City Manager Salary for 2007-08, it states $502,108; 2008-2009 $573,626; 2009-2010 $580,746; 2010-2011 $559,410 and for 2011-2012 he is being paid $568,403 for his services and including the fringes I mention above.  He is averaging $2,255 per Business Day.  
Detail from the West Hollywood Budget 2011-2012

For a hired gun, isn't there someone else less corrupt, better with his/her job and more affordable?  I think it's time to give the guy 'the boot'. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A performance by Ann Trondson at MAK Center

Fundraiser for Rehearsal/Recording
A performance by Ann Trondson
Ann Trondson
© Ann Trondson
Friday, February 17, 2012   7-9 PM
MAK Center
at the Schindler House
835 N. Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

$25 General
$15 Students and Friends of the MAK Center
Tickets available at the door and at

To gather support for artist Ann Trondson's sound performance Rehearsal/Recording at the Schindler House on September 15, 2012, the MAK Center for Art and Architecture will host a fundraising event on February 17.

The evening will feature arts writer Jan Tumlir presenting a lecture on the relationship between black and white monochrome painting and noise music, artist and magician Ross Moreno delighting and confounding with roving magic tricks, and the recorded music of first violinist in the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and Rehearsal/Recording participant Mischa Lefkowitz, playing throughout the house.

About Rehearsal/Recording
When the Schindler House was built in 1922, in what was a yet to be-developed area of Los Angeles, it must have been an exotic encounter for passersby. Trondson's work is an inquiry into how this radically different building may have been experienced. What would it have been like to come upon such an extraordinary house-particularly at night? Unable to access, attempting to see inside through the narrow window slits, it must have bewildered one's senses.

Rehearsal/Recording is a sound performance. Renowned composer Claudio Vena will be commissioned to compose a music piece on site prior to September 15. On that night, musicians from the L.A. Philharmonic will gather together with Vena for the first time to rehearse and record the newly composed music inside the Schindler House. The audience will experience the performance like unsuspected wanderers stumbling upon the residence, unable to watch, but enticed to listen to what is happening inside.

To learn more about the project, how to contribute and what other exciting opportunities there are to help support Recording/Rehearsal, go to

Rehearsal/Recording was created in conjunction with The Banff Arts Centre.

The MAK Center for Art & Architecture at the Schindler House is located at 835 N. Kings Road in West Hollywood. Public hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 11 AM-6 PM. Regular admission is $7/$17 with the guidebook, Schindler By MAK; students and seniors, $6/$16 with book; free for Friends of the MAK Center and on Fridays, 4-6 PM. Parking is available at the public structure at the northeast corner of Kings Road and Santa Monica Boulevard.

For further information, please visit or call (323) 651-1510

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"The Erotic Art Collection" Valentine

Darren West, Deviant
Size: 80 x 120 cm
Price: £4620.00 inc. VAT
London-based minimalhome presents The Erotic Art Collection and I wanted to share it with you on this Valentine's Day.  The collection consists of art and studio work by seven different artists.  All of which are for sale and limited editions.    

Fian Andrews displays erotic pottery. 
Fian Andrews, Standing Male and Female figures
Size: 80 x 36 x 36 cm
Price: £4800.00 inc. VAT
 Jimmie Martin, Marios Philiponna and Peter Rolfe bring us "sexy furniture".
Jimmie Martin, No 5
Height: 198 cm
Price: £3350 inc. VAT
Marios Philiponna, Tittyfruity
Size: 25 x 40 x 30 cm
Price: £1800.00 inc. VAT
Peter Rolfe, Era
Size: 69 x 42 x 30 cm
Price: £5850.00 inc. VAT

Kristian von Hornsleth showcases his graphic work and philosophy of "Futilism" below with his mixed-use work.   

Kristian von Hornsleth, DollarGirls
Original Price: P.O.A
Print version: size 60 x 50 cm – price: £480.00 inc. VAT (limited edition of 100 copies)

Kristian von Hornsleth, Bitch 2011
Original Price: P.O.A
Print version: size 60 x 50 cm – price: £480.00 inc. VAT (limited edition of 100 copies)
Darren West gives us a mixture of photography and neon design, as seen on the catalog cover and work below.  
Darren West, Love
Size: 52.5 x 52.5 cm
Price: £495.00 inc. VAT
From the Barcelona-based, The Muro Lab, we have a collection of eclectic work inspired by new trends in artisitic expression, fashion, architecture and design.  "The Muro Lab travel the world over to find new styles and refreshing ideas to apply to their original creations, which they group in five lines; STICKY, SALSA, SPLASH, PAROLE and 360º. They create muros with the objective to harmonise and blend with any type of existing décor: your home, your office, your restaurant, your hotel…"
The Muro Lab, Sticky 6
Size: 100 x 100 cm
Price: £345.00 inc. VAT
This collection of erotic work of art can be downloaded as a PDF.  Some works have been censored*, but you will get the picture.  In the spirit of St. Valentine, I hope you enjoy the work.  "Minimal Home's Erotic Art Collection has put together artistic pieces that captivate the viewer's mind."  -mimimalhome

*No one under the age of 18 years allowed. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Doctor's Office In The How(se)

R.M. Schindler's 1925 masterpiece, the James Eads How House has come down in price recently.  Since originally hitting market September 2008 for $3,995,000.  The seller who appreciates fine architecture and has a collection of mid-century modern work, has reduced the sales price to a very reasonable $1,495,000 list price.  The site located 2422 Silver Ridge Ave, Silver Lake, 90039 includes the doctor's original office set-up, which is a kick.  
The 4 bedroom / 2.5 bath home boasts 2,426sf of living space with soaring ceilings and natural light infusing the home throughout the day. 
The 2nd story consists of breathtaking living room with large terrace.
In the true modern spirit, local resources were used in the construction of this home, including redwood, concrete and glass.
 One of four fireplaces found in the Dining room.
The open eat-in kitchen plan boasts beautiful built in attributes.  It also leads outdoors to the Richard Neutra designed garden.
The Master bedroom provides clean lines and beautiful light.  Unfortunately, the photos being used to market the listing are a bit drab and do not show this house in it's proper light, so-to-speak.  You really do have to walk inside this home to fully appreciate what the architect designed.
The den is secluded and perfect including a fireplace.
The doctor is in the 'How's'!  Fully restored office of Dr. How is presented.
Another weird looking photo of the home at dusk.  Weird, huh?  This awesome piece of modern architecture for sale is situated on over 14,450sf. 
Some Google shots from the street.

Listing courtesy Cori Weiss, PT-BH