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Raphael Soriano's All Aluminum Home: The Grossman House ("El Paradiso"), 1964

The Grossman House ("El Paradiso"), Raphael S. Soriano, F.A.I.A., 1963-1964
A perfect match between owner and architect occurred in the early 1960s.  Albert Grossman, owner and Raphael S. Soriano, F.A.I.A., architect, demonstrate a shared a vision together.  Perhaps I should have said, the two made for a match perfect for Aluminum Heaven...  The Grossman House was the first of Soriano's experiments with all-aluminum houses.  And sadly, it is the only All Aluminum Home, in pristine condition, of what remains built.  Soriano's concept of the All Aluminum House used a pre-fabricated method of design where a factory would manufacture building materials, such as walls, roofing and other panels that could be trucked to site and assembled without a hassle.
The Grossman House - All Aluminum Home - 11468 Dona Cecilia Dr., Studio City, CA
The Grossman House was designed 1963-1964 for Albert and Simonne Grossman. The architect dubbed The Grossman House, "El Paradiso," for its space-age vision of the good life, Southern California style.  In 1964, the Los Angeles Times remarked with a bit of tongue-in-cheek, "At last, a house for people who hate to paint."  Renowned L.A. architect Soriano broke new ground with his decision to use aluminum and glass instead of the commonly used building materials, such as wood, plaster and stucco.  The two gentlemen set off to create a one-of-a-kind design that certainly will never be duplicated.  The Grossman House is a treasure; to design, to architecture and to our city.
In 1963, Soriano's promotion of his "All Aluminum Home" buildings attracted the attention of businessman Albert Grossman, "Mr. Aluminum", whose companies sold a number of aluminum products.  Albert Grossman had met Soriano through his cousin Abe Grossman, inventor of the lightweight aluminum sliders marketed as Glide Panel View Windows. 
Grossman and Soriano first intended to collaborate on a group of aluminum homes for Nicaragua's Gen. Somoza.  When the Central American strongman was deposed and the project collapsed, they refocused on building a house.  Fascinated by the idea that Grossman's aluminum products could be displayed in his own residence, Albert agreed to build a 3,200-square-foot, four bedroom house with a light aluminum frame in the Hollywood Hills of Studio City.  

The entire frame of the one-story, flat-roofed building consisted of ten rigid aluminum frames spanning two 20-foot bays, spaced ten feet apart.  Aluminum sliding-glass doors and shop-painted aluminum panels lined its perimeter.  The aluminum used in El Paradiso is thick and has a superior factory finish to standard thin-sheet aluminum siding.  Also, with its wash-and-wear resilience, El Paradiso has aged better than most of its Laurel Canyon plaster-and-stucco neighbors.  When the earthquakes came, the sliding doors rattled and shook, but the house emerged with only a few hairline cracks in the terrazzo floors. Talk about sound engineering... 

Inside walls were finished with Micarta, a plastic laminate.  The color palette ranged from purple, gold, and yellow-green in the main living quarters to violet, coral, blue, white, and avocado in the bedrooms and bathrooms.  The inch-thick plywood doors, the ubiquitous chocolate-brown refrigeration cork, the sleek Formica cabinets; all original.  Ditto on the pre-finished aluminum ceiling, which has been washed every ten years.   You'll never have the need to repaint the anodized aluminum. You have to be one who is content with the original colors.  I know I could adapt.

The glass and aluminum of architect Soriano's "El Paradiso" reflect yesterday's vision of tomorrow.  Again, as one of the Modernists who shaped the look of postwar Los Angeles, Soriano helped pioneer the use of metal and glass over wood and stucco in home construction.  Like other materials whelped by the World War II technology boom, aluminum was seen as a progressive architectural force.  European emigres like Soriano, Rudolph Schindler and Richard Neutra (Soriano's one-time employer) seized on aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass and other rugged newcomers for their structural experiments.  The Grossman House's aluminum framework and 28 glass doors (all 5 by 8 feet) came complete from a factory, and the modern, functional appointments are of easy-care materials such as Formica, terrazzo and cork.  Some have said the house was more of an assembly than a build due to the early pre-fabricated / factory-built approach to the design.  Entirely prefabricated, "El Paradiso" was trucked in from a factory, section by section, and assembled in eight months at a cost of $125,000. Grossman supervised the construction from an on-site trailer. 

Soriano walked off the job before its completion.  Perhaps the signs were visible that the forceful businessman from Philly and the legendarily temperamental, Greek-born architect would have a falling-out.  What happened, according to Grossman, was that two-thirds of the way toward completion, the house was $50,000 over budget.  Some of this was his own fault, he says, because of all the "gotta haves" he wanted the house to include.  The other problem was Soriano's notorious inflexibility.  Sensing a crisis at hand, the client took the architect out for coffee to quietly discuss where the project was heading.  Without saying a word, Soriano got up from the table, crossed the street and boarded a bus. Grossman never saw him again.  Grossman picked up where Soriano left off using skills learned in his business and completed "El Paradiso" by himself and insists there are no hard feelings.  "I loved the man," he says.
Now, The Grossman House is on market asking $2,695,000, down from its original price of $2,895,000.  The four bedroom and 3 bathroom mid-century modern is designed within 3,886-square-feet and includes a lovely outdoor area with pool on a 12,541-square-foot lot.  If you are a buyer who would like to set up a viewing of this home, please contact me to set up a private showing appointment.  Recognizing and protecting historic gems like the Grossman House connects us to the past and helps us better understand the present. This is why they are called Historic-Cultural Monuments.  They provide history to a community, as well as serving their original purpose: People live in them.

The exterior continues with a wonderful display of color with verticals painted purple and fascias painted blue, along with accents of gold with the horizontal beams.  All you will need is that connection with El Paradiso's design showcasing a vision of tomorrow from the past.   As like the House of the Future, The Grossman House showcased innovative building materials and a modular approach to design. 

The Grossman's have cherished their home and you can tell by their impeccable maintenance of the home throughout the past decades.  When evaluating whether or not a landmarked property is right for you, it is important to remember that its fate rests in the hands of your stewardship.  The flat-roofed modern has been unspoiled by odd renovations.  Many attributes are in original state including the 28 aluminum sliding glass doors and the decorative aluminum metalwork by the swimming pool.  Simonne Grossman was once quoted saying, "Why tamper with perfection"? 

In 1997, Soriano's aluminum house was declared Historic-Cultural Monument (HCM) No. 638 by the city's Cultural Heritage Commission.  Albert and Simonne Grossman, who were friends of Soriano, have lived in the aluminum dwelling at 11468 Dona Cecilia Drive since 1964.  Now, the family is selling the home as it is time to leave this modernist nest they have loved for many years.

Modular Plan Assembly All Aluminum Structures
In 1950, Soriano atteneded the ALCOA (the Aluminum Company of America) Aluminum conference in Boca Raton, FL.  Because of this conference, Soriano felt certain his decision to move on from steel, to aluminum and, hopefully other alloys.  Soriano's first aluminum building design was the Adolph's Office Building and Laboratory in Burbank, CA (1953-58), since destroyed by fire.  ALCOA's Creative Conference on Housing in 1957 moved Soriano further towards aluminum houses, resulting in the Modular Plan Assembly All Aluminum Structures which he developed in the early 1960s.  Designed to the last detail, priced and even weighed, these structures lent themselves to a broad range of housing arrangements. Sadly, during the more than ten years that Soriano promoted his "All Aluminum Home" building system program, only twelve of the houses were built.  Eleven homes (1962-1965) built in Maui, HI were flawed due to poor assembly and construction of the homes.  The Maui homes known as the "Soria Structures," would eventually sell to a Dutch investor shortly after completion and then altered with the addition of tiki roofs and neon signs.
"Soria Structures", Raphael S. Soriano, Architect - Maui, HI - 1965
For 30 years, from his early days with Neutra, to his final aluminum houses erected on Maui, he worked to develop a way of building which he thought best suited the modern world.  Asked about Soriano, Craig Ellwood later wrote:
"One of Soriano's major accomplishments is the simple fact that he preserved and got his buildings built.  Even if he had to build them himself.  In proving their construction possible within reasonable costs, he also showed us an exciting alternative to California's hodgepodge of hammer and saw nonsense - he showed us a valid residential esthetic could be produced with industrial techniques.  The fact that his designs became reality probably influenced in one manner or another all of us who followed."

Brief Biography
Raphael S. Soriano, F.A.I.A.

Raphael S. Soriano, F.A.I.A. (1904 - 1988)
Greek-born Raphael S. Soriano enrolled in the University of Southern California's School of Architecture in 1929 and graduating in 1934.  Upon Soriano gaining U.S. Citizenship in 1930, he secured an internship with Richard Neutra in 1931.  While assisting Neutra, he worked along fellow interns Gregory Ain and Harwell Hamilton Harris.  Soriano would also take on an internship with modernist architect, Rudolph Schindler in 1934.  His first residential commission was in 1936 with his Lipetz House, which appeared in the 1937 International Architectural Exhibition in Paris.  By the end  of the 1940's, Soriano completed the award-winning Katz House, located in Studio City.  
Case Study House 1950, Raphael S. Soriano, F.A.I.A.
The war had ended and more opportunities were at hand with more of his buildings being constructed.  He was given a great opportunity in 1950 to work with John Entenza and the magazine, Arts and Architecture, a think-tank for progressive thinkers of design and architecture.  He was asked to create Case Study House 1950.  The modular design kept true to his earlier work.  The Case Study House 1950 was of a modest rectangular two bedroom plan enveloping the Santa Monica mountains.  

In 1950, Soriano also was given a residential commission for architectural photographer, Julius ShulmanThe Shulman House was built in the Pacific Palisades and is also recognized as a Historic-Cultural Monument.
Julius Shulman House, (1947-1950) - Raphael S. Soriano, Architect
Soriano was made a Fellow by the American Institute of Architects (FAIA) in 1961.

Of the 50 buildings Soriano built, only 12 remain; the others have succumbed to wildfire, earthquake, or demolition. Among the survivors, a number endured unsympathetic make-overs and additions. Those still intact and unmolested are now protected by municipal preservation codes. The Grossman House is the last house to have had its original owners of a Soriano building still occupying the design.  A collection of Soriano papers resides at the College of Environmental Design Resource Center at the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona).

Soriano died in 1988 at the age of 83, leaving a pioneering legacy of metal-framed houses conceived in a staunchly Modernist style that emphasized flat roofs and ribbon windows.

Listing and photos courtesy of MLS and Ben Di Benedeto - KWSC

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Custom 1958 Conejo Oaks Atomic Ranch by Cliff May

1249 Encino Vista Ct, Thousand Oaks 91362 - Cliff May, Architect, 1958 - $805,495
Located in the Conejo Oaks area of Thousand Oaks is a 1958 custom mid-century modern ranch, designed by architect Cliff May.  The three bedroom and two bathroom home has many original features to make this time-capsule-worthy.  Within 1,863 interior square feet and located on a 16,200 square foot lot on a cul-de-sac street, this modern design features tons of natural light, while inviting the outdoors-in.  It is currently listed for $805,495.
The original polished brick-flooring looks to be in good condition.  Medical glass walls of glass provide solar gain while allowing privacy.  Skylights above cast light upon the indoor garden below, which also has a water feature.  The living room also features clerestory windows and a handsome stone fireplace hearth. 
The listing provides a quote:
The early Californians had the right idea. They built for the seclusion and comfort of their families, for the enjoyment of relaxation in their homes. - Cliff May.
The home has a large master suite with ample storage, along with an en-suite bathroom.  Below are drawings by the architect for the bedrooms.

The second bathroom featuring mosaic tiles, original basins and privacy screen, along with an exterior door that leads to the back yard.
If you are in the market for a Cliff May home, you may want to check this one out.  

Listing and photos courtesy of MLS and Sharanjit Schefrin, KW Westlake.

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Sep 27 Mid-Century Modern Open House Listings: 90049, 90077, 90210 and 90272

1324 Casiano Rd, 90049 - 1959 - $2,499,000
There are 24 single-family mid-century modern open house listings for September 27 in the zip code areas of 90049, 90077, 90210 and 90272 including Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Post Office, Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Glen, Brentwood,  Coldwater Canyon, Pacific Palisades, Trousdale Estates and Westwood Hills.  Many styles of modern architecture are represented this week including, ranch, post and beam, contemporary and regency moderne.  Modern homes Los Angeles are all around us.  Take a look below to find your mid-century modern dream home.

Two homes stand out this week.  The first is the mid-century modern located at 1324 Casiano Road and built in 1959.  The four bedroom and four bathroom with an open floor plan needs some updating, but the bones are great.  It is definitely worth a look.  The other home that strikes a chord is the newly restored 1960 mid-century modern located at 396 Kenter Avenue.  The home feels fresh while maintaining mid-century modern aesthetic.  The three bedroom and three bathroom home is listed for $2,295,000.
396 Kenter Ave, 90049 - 1960 - $2,295,000
Also, worth noting are a couple of homes listed, designed by architect, Edward H. Fickett, F.A.I.A. that are not noted as such.  His designs are located 1610 Lindamere Place (1961) and 1743 Stone Canyon Road (1960).  Many of his designs go unidentified on the MLS.  If you are looking for a Fickett home, please contact me, as I often know of unidentified or off-market Fickett pocket listings.
1610 Lindamere Pl, 90077 - Edward H. Fickett, F.A.I.A., 1961 - $3,495,000
1743 Stone Canyon Rd, 90077 - Edward H. Fickett, F.A.I.A., 1960 - $5,998,000
The weather forecast is calling for mostly sunny skies with highs in the low 90s.  Sunset is at 6:43pm.
Please contact us at modernhomeslosangeles, if you are contemplating listing your MCM home.  The market is looking for mid-century modern listings as the amount of buyer's has increased and inventory is low.  Email me for a free evaluation of your home's worth.  If you own a home designed by architect, Edward H. Fickett, F.A.I.A., be sure to contact me about listing your home. 

RES-SFR:   10899 CHALON RD , LOS ANGELES ,CA    90077 MLS#: 15-931465 LP:  $6,995,000
AREA:  (4)Bel Air - Holmby Hills STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:  
STYLE:  Modern YB:  1959 BR:  3 BA:  4.00 (4 0 0 0)
APN:  4369-023-017 ZONE:  LARE20 HOD:   STORIES:  1 APX SF:  
LSE:   GH:  N/A POOL:  No APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  38,560/VN
DIRECTIONS:  West Gate of Bel-Air.
REMARKS:  This private and stunning 3 bedroom and 4 bathroom, Mid-Century Modern estate is located in the coveted lower Bel-Air area. The home is extremely private, positioned on almost an entire acre of land, tucked back up a long private driveway, and surrounded by mature, lush landscaping. The home features explosive panoramic views, a sparkling pool, putting green + sand trap and a spacious deck area with outdoor fire pit, perfect for entertaining. The home elegantly and seamlessly creates an indoor/outdoor flow with its open floor plan, bright terrazzo floors, phenomenal glass work and more!  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Breakfast Area,Den,Living,Master Bedroom,Patio Open,Powder,Walk-In Closet
OCC/SHOW:  Call LA 1,Call LA 2 OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $6,995,000 DOM/CDOM: 45/ LD: 08/12/2015   OLP: $6,995,000
RES-SFR:   1743 Stone Canyon Road , Los Angeles ,CA    90077 MLS#: 315009127IT LP:  $5,998,000
AREA:  (4)Bel Air - Holmby Hills STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:   591/J4
STYLE:  Mid Century YB:  1960 BR:  4 BA:  5.00 (4 0 1 0)
APN:  4370-010-013 ZONE:  LARE15 HOD:  $0.00 STORIES:  1 APX SF:  4,650/SE
LSE:  Yes GH:  N/A POOL:  Yes APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  12,628/PR
LOP:   PUD:   FIREPL:   PKGT:  0 PKGC:  0
DIRECTIONS:  Sunset to Stone Canyon, Pass Bel Air Hotel & Lindamere Dr
REMARKS:  Enter the gate to this exquisite home in old Bel Air and cross a private bridge by a waterfall on beautifully landscaped patio. Walk through a double door of this spacious, bright architectural home to panoramic views of canyon and reservoir from almost every room with an exceptional open floor plan that effortlessly combines the indoor and outdoor spaces creating a wonderful environment for entertaining. This unique one level floor plan offers four en-suite bedrooms including large master suite with spacious whirlpool tub and shower, skylight, his and her vanities and wardrobe areas. Surround yourself in the serenity of private upper Stone Canyon while lounging in beautiful mosaic tile pool and Spa and you are minutes away from world renowned Bel Air Hotel. This spacious home is completely remodeled with new bathrooms and kitchen featuring top of the line stainless brand new appliances and is move-in ready.  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Breakfast Area,Den/Office,Dining,Dressing Area,Family,Formal Entry,Living,Master Bedroom,Pantry,Study/Office,Two Masters,Walk-In Closet,Walk-In Pantry
OCC/SHOW:  Appointment Only,Call LA 1,Vacant OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-6:00PM)
LP: $5,998,000 DOM/CDOM: 17/ LD: 09/09/2015   OLP: $5,998,000
RES-SFR:   1250 ANGELO DR , BEVERLY HILLS ,CA    90210 MLS#: 15-879883 LP:  $5,995,000
AREA:  (2)Beverly Hills Post Office STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:   592/C5
STYLE:  Contemporary YB:  1958 BR:  5 BA:  6.00 (6 0 0 0)
APN:  4357-014-013 ZONE:  LARE15 HOD:  $0.00 STORIES:  2 APX SF:  7,390/AS
LSE:  No GH:  None POOL:  Yes APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  15,354/AS
LOP:  No PUD:  No FIREPL:  5 PKGT:  4 PKGC:  2
DIRECTIONS:  Benedict Canyon to Angelo Drive
REMARKS:  Contemporary home in one of the most prestigious locations on a quiet street just seconds from the heart of Beverly Hills. Approximately 7,390 sq.ft. of living space with a great open floor plan and walls of glass throughout opening to and overlooking several patios and balconies, pool, and lush canyon and city views. Public rooms on the main level include the large living room with fireplace, formal dining room, and kitchen with center island and breakfast area with fireplace. Also featured on the main level are two guest bedrooms and bathrooms. The second level offers a tremendous media room with full bar and large balcony overlooking beautiful city views, gym with sauna, two guest or family bedroom suites, and the large master suite complete with high beamed ceilings, sitting room, private balcony with hot tub, dual walk-in closets, and his and her baths.  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Bar,Breakfast Area,Center Hall,Dining,Dressing Area,Gym,Living,Master Bedroom,Media,Patio Covered,Patio Open,Sauna,Walk-In Closet
OCC/SHOW:  Appointment w/List. Office,Listing Agent Accompanies OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $5,995,000 DOM/CDOM: 222/ LD: 02/16/2015   OLP: $6,995,000
RES-SFR:   17880 VICINO WAY , PACIFIC PALISADES ,CA    90272 MLS#: 15-934427 LP:  $4,750,000
AREA:  (15)Pacific Palisades STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:   630/f6
STYLE:  Architectural YB:  1956 BR:  4 BA:  4.00 (4 0 0 0)
APN:  4416-017-021 ZONE:  LAR1 HOD:   STORIES:  1 APX SF:  3,040/VN
LSE:   GH:  N/A POOL:  No APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  9,372/AS
DIRECTIONS:  Sunset Blvd to Pacific Coast Highway one block north to Porto Marina Way to Tramonto to Vicino Way
REMARKS:  Exceptional unobstructed ocean view development opportunity.Approved plans,soil reports and renderings for a 4500 square foot Contemporary home with 700 feet of deck.This one story home currently is over 3,000 square feet with almost 10,000 square foot lot.Enter through a private courtyard large grassy area with room for a pool.The double glass entry doors open to home with open floor plan all rooms have ocean views to the entire Santa Monica Bay.Sunsets on either side and moon reflecting at night on the ocean.Don't miss this one of a kind opportunity to live in Castellammare the next Trousdale Estates by the ocean and walk to beach.  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Atrium,Breakfast Bar,Enclosed Glass Porch,Family,Living,Master Bedroom,Patio Enclosed,Patio Open,Separate Family Room,Walk-In Closet
OCC/SHOW:  24-hr Notice OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $4,750,000 DOM/CDOM: 30/ LD: 08/27/2015   OLP: $4,750,000
RES-SFR:   2306 CHERYL PL , LOS ANGELES ,CA    90049 MLS#: 15-930633 LP:  $4,450,000
AREA:  (6)Brentwood STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:  
STYLE:  Mid-Century YB:  1963 BR:  5 BA:  5.00 (3 1 1 0)
APN:  4492-015-031 ZONE:  LARE15 HOD:   STORIES:  1 APX SF:  4,489/AP
LSE:   GH:  N/A POOL:  Yes APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  12,735/AS
DIRECTIONS:  Mandeville to Westridge to Bayliss to Cheryl Place.
REMARKS:  Spectacular, brand new, sophisticated and contemporary renovation and expansion of a 1963 Brentwood Mid-Century. Expansive light-filled floor plan almost entirely on one level, artfully designed with soaring nearly 11 foot ceilings. Elegant kitchen with Thermador appliances, exceptional marble countertops, and walnut cabinetry flows seamlessly into dining and living rooms, all framed by floor-to-ceiling Fleetwood doors and serene mountain vistas. Master suite aerie with refined Taj Mahal marble fireplace, master bath with luxurious Bianco Venatino Carrara marble and stylish Hansgrohe fixtures. Handsome wide plank European Oak flooring throughout. Spacious media room with surround sound. Fifth bedroom doubles as a gym. Separate office can be a 6th bedroom. Sparkling pool with waterfall spa, grassy yard, lush landscaping and patio for entertaining and dining al fresco. A rare and wonderful Brentwood home, blending glamorous indoor/outdoor living, comfort, and unparalleled amenities.  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  2nd Story Family Room,Breakfast Bar,Den/Office,Family,Great Room,Guest-Maids Quarters,Gym
OCC/SHOW:  Appointment w/List. Office OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $4,450,000 DOM/CDOM: 47/ LD: 08/10/2015   OLP: $4,450,000
RES-SFR:   10980 VERANO RD , LOS ANGELES ,CA    90077 MLS#: 15-932687 LP:  $3,950,000
AREA:  (4)Bel Air - Holmby Hills STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:  
STYLE:  French YB:  1967 BR:  3 BA:  4.00 (3 0 0 1)
APN:  4377-023-001 ZONE:  LARE15 HOD:   STORIES:  1 APX SF:  3,319/AS
LSE:   GH:  N/A POOL:  No APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  38,573/AS
LOP:   PUD:   FIREPL:  4 PKGT:  4 PKGC:  2
DIRECTIONS:  North of Sunset Blvd, West Gate Bel Air
REMARKS:  Sophisticated French Regency tucked away in a majestic, retreat like setting in Bel Air's prestigious West Gate. Exuding regal glamour & timeless beauty throughout, this 3 bed 3.25 bath hideaway offers over 3,300sqft of living space on an inviting single level. Reminiscent of your own 5-star hotel, this stunning home is perfect to move in as is or an ideal base to build your dream estate on a near acre, private and romantic lower Bel Air lot. Extensively remodeled to showcase seamless design and exquisite grandeur, the home's rich interiors embody grace and effortless elegance. Moments from Hotel Bel Air, Beverly Hills, and everything Westside, this one of a kind retreat is not to be missed.  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Breakfast Area,Dining Area,Entry,Family,Formal Entry,Great Room,Living,Master Bedroom,Patio Open,Powder
OCC/SHOW:  Appointment w/List. Office,Call LA 2,Listing Agent Accompanies OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $3,950,000 DOM/CDOM: 27/ LD: 08/14/2015   OLP: $3,950,000
RES-SFR:   1610 LINDAMERE PL , LOS ANGELES ,CA    90077 MLS#: 15-920267 LP:  $3,495,000
AREA:  (4)Bel Air - Holmby Hills STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:   591/j4
STYLE:  Contemporary YB:  1961 BR:  5 BA:  5.00 (5 0 0 0)
APN:  4370-010-024 ZONE:  LARE15 HOD:   STORIES:  2 APX SF:  5,000/AS
LSE:  No GH:  None POOL:  No APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  13,532/AS
LOP:  No PUD:   FIREPL:  1 PKGT:   PKGC:  2
DIRECTIONS:  Stone Canyon to Lindamere Dr. Lindamer Pl.
REMARKS:  Architecturally designed contemporary in the much sought after Stone Canyon area in Bel Air. This gorgeous home is in a very serene quiet setting with canyon views. It features a gourmet kitchen with limestone floors, Caesar stone counters and state of the art appliances. High ceilings with French doors throughout opening to picturesque garden and grounds. Large master bedroom with an additional three generous bedrooms plus family room, den, very large living room and dining area and maids quarters. Beautiful vistas of trees and canyons from all windows and terraces. Owner holds a Real Estate license.  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Photo Lab/Dark Room
OCC/SHOW:  Listing Agent Accompanies OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $3,495,000 DOM/CDOM: 72/ LD: 07/16/2015   OLP: $3,495,000
RES-SFR:   311 N SALTAIR AVE , LOS ANGELES ,CA    90049 MLS#: 15-943261 LP:  $3,199,000
AREA:  (6)Brentwood STATUS:   A VIEW:  No MAP:  
STYLE:  Traditional YB:  1958 BR:  3 BA:  3.00 (1 2 0 0)
APN:  4402-013-012 ZONE:  LARE15 HOD:   STORIES:  1 APX SF:  2,751/VN
LSE:  No GH:  None POOL:  No APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  10,149/AS
LOP:  No PUD:  No FIREPL:  3 PKGT:   PKGC:  2
DIRECTIONS:  North of Sunset, west of Barrington.
REMARKS:  North of Sunset and situated on a large, over 10,000 sq. ft. lot, this home is awaiting your personal touch. A dramatic formal entry welcomes you home. Large glass doors open to the pool and patio from the living room, family room and master bedroom, giving the home a luminous, sun-drenched quality. There is a feeling of grandeur with the open flow from the living room, dining room and family room. Spread out and entertain with style in the formal dining room. The family room has a built-in bar, wood paneled ceilings and a cozy fireplace. The kitchen has excellent storage and a direct entrance from the two car garage. The beautiful expansive master bedroom has vaulted wood ceilings, a fireplace and an enormous walk-in closet. The serene back yard has several large sitting areas, an inviting pool and lush greenery. This very special home exudes elegance and grace.  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Dining,Family,Living,Master Bedroom
OCC/SHOW:  Appointment w/List. Office OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $3,199,000 DOM/CDOM: 3/ LD: 09/23/2015   OLP: $3,199,000
RES-SFR:   13258 CHALON RD , LOS ANGELES ,CA    90049 MLS#: 15-905385 LP:  $2,999,000
AREA:  (6)Brentwood STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:   631/D1
STYLE:  Architectural YB:  1961 BR:  4 BA:  3.00 (3 0 0 0)
APN:  4492-005-011 ZONE:  LARE15 HOD:  $0.00 STORIES:  1 APX SF:  4,040/OW
LSE:   GH:  N/A POOL:  Yes APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  20,910/OW
LOP:   PUD:   FIREPL:  1 PKGT:  4 PKGC:  2
DIRECTIONS:  Mandeville Cyn - left on Chalon Road
REMARKS:  Asian-fusion architectural home on a rare double-lot of apx 21k sqft. Offering total privacy in a majestic & tranquil zen-like setting. Views from the house and huge balcony overlooking the entire separate lot w/ towering bamboo, your private koi pond, Japanese tea-house, cascading waterfalls and stone pathways; perfect meditating environment. Gated & located across from prestigious Brentwood country estates off lower Mandeville canyon. Master suite w/his & her closets, sub-flr heating. 2 separate office areas; 1 w/own private patio & 1 w/a spiral, metal staircase leading to huge upstairs loft w/lots of windows. Gourmet kitchen has custom cabinets made of antique Japanese tansu & kitchen counter is solid 3" Brazilian mahogany. Various hardwood flrs thru-out w/bleached hardwd in the bdrms. The home is incredibly special.  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  2nd Story Family Room,Dining Area,Family,Living,Master Bedroom,Patio Covered,Separate Family Room,Sun,Walk-In Closet,Other
OCC/SHOW:  Appointment w/List. Office OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $2,999,000 DOM/CDOM: 134/ LD: 05/15/2015   OLP: $3,495,000
RES-SFR:   761 LOCKEARN ST , LOS ANGELES ,CA    90049 MLS#: 15-941327 LP:  $2,995,000
AREA:  (6)Brentwood STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:  
STYLE:  Farm House YB:  1955 BR:  5 BA:  4.00 (4 0 0 0)
APN:  4494-002-026 ZONE:  LARS HOD:   STORIES:  1 APX SF:  3,342/AP
LSE:   GH:  N/A POOL:  No APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  7,995/AS
DIRECTIONS:  North of Sunset on Bundy to Lockearn
REMARKS:  Enter through the white picket fence and enjoy the lushly landscaped entry courtyard, setting the tone for this remodeled farmhouse style home. Situated in the heart of Brentwood and located on a desirable cul-de-sac, the light filled living spaces are open and centered around a beautiful country style eat in cooks kitchen, all perfect for entertaining. The resort-like master suite with oversized walk in closet, private balcony and peaceful bath are sure to impress. Secondary bedrooms and baths are all well located and appointed. Other features include hardwood floors, swimmers pool, wood-burning fireplace, pitch beamed ceilings and outdoor dining. A jewel of a property, in a prime neighborhood, awaiting your personal touch.  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Den/Office
OCC/SHOW:  24-hr Notice OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $2,995,000 DOM/CDOM: 12/ LD: 09/14/2015   OLP: $2,995,000
RES-SFR:   1424 CHAUTAUQUA , PACIFIC PALISADES ,CA    90272 MLS#: 15-935233 LP:  $2,995,000
AREA:  (15)Pacific Palisades STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:   631/B4
STYLE:  Modern YB:  1959 BR:  3 BA:  3.00 (2 0 1 0)
APN:  4422-031-025 ZONE:  LARE40 HOD:   STORIES:  2 APX SF:  2,493/BL
LSE:  No GH:  N/A POOL:  No APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  8,565/AS
LOP:  No PUD:  No FIREPL:   PKGT:  2 PKGC:  
DIRECTIONS:  North of Sunset
REMARKS:  Nestled at the top of a private road at the height of the Palisades Village, with no neighbor to the north, this modern rustic home exemplifies exclusive Westside indoor/outdoor living and entertaining! Enter an open living space brandishing Titan grey-white oak floors and you'll be immediately drawn to the stage-stealing city and mountain views showcased through La Cantina sliding glass doors. Views are the focal point of this versatile 3 bedroom 2.5 bath home, which offers both quiet solitude and endless entertainment possibilities in equal capacities. Completely and newly renovated, this homes total square footage is 2,493. Total decking and outdoor space totals 1,458 sqft. Roof deck offers a fire pit, large private siting area and amazing ocean, city and mountain views. Other features include chromo-therapy spa in master bath, built-in speakers and designer finishes and fixtures throughout. Steps away from hiking trail and just a five minute drive to downtown Pacific Palisades.  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Breakfast Area,Den/Office,Dining Area,Family,Master Bedroom,Patio Open,Sun,Walk-In Closet
OCC/SHOW:  Appointment w/List. Office OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $2,995,000 DOM/CDOM: 33/ LD: 08/24/2015   OLP: $2,995,000
RES-SFR:   1517 SCHUYLER RD , BEVERLY HILLS ,CA    90210 MLS#: 15-928509 LP:  $2,795,000
AREA:  (2)Beverly Hills Post Office STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:   592/E5
STYLE:  Contemporary YB:  1958 BR:  4 BA:  3.00 (3 0 0 0)
APN:  4352-009-034 ZONE:  LARE15 HOD:   STORIES:  2 APX SF:  2,502/VN
LSE:   GH:  N/A POOL:  No APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  10,073/VN
LOP:   PUD:   FIREPL:   PKGT:   PKGC:  2
DIRECTIONS:  Doheny Rd. to Schuyler
REMARKS:  This sophisticated Contemporary Retreat has a distinctly European charm. Located in BHPO, north of Sunset, it is minutes from the heart of Beverly Hills, Sunset Strip, and West Hollywood, yet an oasis of quiet to come home to. This home offers walls of glass overlooking a verdant garden setting, high ceilings, faux wall finishes, hardwood floors and custom iron railings. Formal living room, formal dining room, and gourmet kitchen with professional stainless appliances. Fabulous master suite with "Juliette" balcony, sitting area, abundant closet space, and luxurious bathroom with oversized tub and separate shower area. Two guest bedrooms, each with attached full bathrooms, and a library with custom built-ins which can also be converted to a fourth bedroom. The peaceful and serene back yard has a spacious brick patio, meandering terraced landscaping and grapevines providing a canopy of shade on the paths. Truly an oasis, yet in the heart of Beverly Hills!  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Breakfast Area,Den,Dining,Living,Master Bedroom,Two Masters
OCC/SHOW:  Call LA 1,Call LA 2 OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $2,795,000 DOM/CDOM: 54/ LD: 08/03/2015   OLP: $2,795,000
RES-SFR:   1332 ALLENFORD AVE , LOS ANGELES ,CA    90049 MLS#: 15-929667 LP:  $2,499,000
AREA:  (6)Brentwood STATUS:   A VIEW:  No MAP:   631/E4
STYLE:  Mid-Century YB:  1954 BR:  3 BA:  2.00 (2 0 0 0)
APN:  4407-010-004 ZONE:  LAR1 HOD:   STORIES:  1 APX SF:  
LSE:   GH:  N/A POOL:  Yes APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  12,000/VN
DIRECTIONS:  26th Street North of San Vicente - Allenford South of Sunset Blvd
REMARKS:  Beautiful mid-century in the heart of Brentwood. Inviting living space and master suite with a wall of windows and large sliders leading to the outdoor entertaining area with heated pool, fountain, and lush landscaping, a garden oasis! Gourmet chef's kitchen with island plus a bonus room, playroom, or office. Set back from street on large lot. Walking distance to Brentwood Country Mart, great shopping and restaurants. A true gem!  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Den,Dining Area,Living,Master Bedroom,Patio Covered,Service Entrance
OCC/SHOW:  Appointment w/List. Office,Appointment Only OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $2,499,000 DOM/CDOM: 53/ LD: 08/04/2015   OLP: $2,499,000
RES-SFR:   1324 CASIANO RD , LOS ANGELES ,CA    90049 MLS#: 15-942267 LP:  $2,499,000
AREA:  (4)Bel Air - Holmby Hills STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:  
STYLE:  Contemporary YB:  1959 BR:  4 BA:  4.00 (4 0 0 0)
APN:  4368-027-005 ZONE:  LARE20 HOD:   STORIES:  1 APX SF:  2,974/AP
LSE:  No GH:  N/A POOL:  Yes APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  21,551/VN
DIRECTIONS:  East of Sepulveda, North of Sunset.
REMARKS:  Built on one level, this wonderful light-filled home is beautifully designed and maintained. Living room showcases a stunning rock fireplace, den overlooks lush courtyard, and spacious kitchen serves dining area and secluded dining terrace. Service includes laundry room, and maid's+bath. Bedroom wing w/powder includes two family bedrooms w/bath. Spectacular master suite has big eastern views, stylish bath and abundant closets. Private pool w/stirring canyon views. This home is beyond special!  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Breakfast Area,Center Hall,Den,Dining Area,Dressing Area,Entry,Formal Entry,Jack And Jill,Living,Master Bedroom,Patio Covered,Powder,Separate Maids Qtrs,Service Entrance,Utility,Walk-In Closet
OCC/SHOW:  24-hr Notice OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $2,499,000 DOM/CDOM: 10/ LD: 09/16/2015   OLP: $2,499,000
RES-SFR:   153 5TH ANITA DR , LOS ANGELES ,CA    90049 MLS#: 15-939331 LP:  $2,495,000
AREA:  (6)Brentwood STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:   631/F4
STYLE:  Mid-Century YB:  1960 BR:  3 BA:  2.00 (2 0 0 0)
APN:  4405-029-034 ZONE:  LARS HOD:   STORIES:  2 APX SF:  1,940/VN
LSE:  No GH:  None POOL:  No APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  6,329/VN
LOP:   PUD:  No FIREPL:  1 PKGT:   PKGC:  
DIRECTIONS:  From S. Anita Ave turn onto 5th Anita Drive. Home is at the end of the cul-de-sac.
REMARKS:  Sun drenched, warm and strikingly chic this home is nestled among the trees in a beautiful serene setting in a coveted Brentwood location. A large wooden deck off the living room overlooks the gracious wooded canyon. This home is a truly unique private "tree-house" among the eucalyptus. The sophisticated living room boasts dramatic high ceilings, a light filled entry and large windows. The newly updated cook's kitchen features Carrera marble countertops, a center island and a Viking range. Upstairs is your own private master suite with fireplace, a private rooftop deck and tree-top views of the lush forest below. The bathrooms have been updated with new fixtures and styled in Carrera marble as well. The home is both sleek and warm with clean architectural lines and rich simplicity throughout.  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Den/Office,Dining Area,Lanai,Living,Master Bedroom
OCC/SHOW:  24-hr Notice,Appointment Only,Call LA 1 OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $2,495,000 DOM/CDOM: 18/ LD: 09/08/2015   OLP: $2,495,000
RES-SFR:   1919 N BEVERLY DR , BEVERLY HILLS ,CA    90210 MLS#: 15-939151 LP:  $2,450,000
AREA:  (2)Beverly Hills Post Office STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:  
STYLE:  Mid-Century YB:  1964 BR:  3 BA:  3.00 (2 0 1 0)
APN:  4386-027-005 ZONE:  LARE15 HOD:   STORIES:  1 APX SF:  2,646/AS
LSE:   GH:  None POOL:  No APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  7,568/AS
LOP:   PUD:   FIREPL:  1 PKGT:  2 PKGC:  
DIRECTIONS:  Coldwater Canon to Beverly Drive
REMARKS:  Stylish, newly renovated single level Mid Century Modern in prime, celebrity-studded neighborhood in lower BHPO. Located near both Franklin Canyon Park and Coldwater Canyon Park, this 3 bedroom 2.5 bath beauty was remodeled with attention to detail. The versatile floor plan features open-spaced living and dining areas with high ceilings, perfect for today's lifestyle. Entertaining is easy in the gorgeous kitchen, complete with polished statuary bianco marble counters, a large center island, streamlined wood cabinetry & stainless steel appliances. The gracious living room with fireplace and the den open directly to a private, grassy yard with newly-built pool and sparkling spa. The master suite features an entire wall of closets and wonderful bath with separate tub & large Calcutta marble shower. 2 spacious bedrooms share a finely appointed bath. Direct entry garage, laundry room and powder room. Warner Elementary School district. A peaceful, sunny oasis for those seeking perfection.  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Den,Dining Area,Living,Master Bedroom
OCC/SHOW:  Listing Agent Accompanies OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $2,450,000 DOM/CDOM: 19/ LD: 09/07/2015   OLP: $2,450,000
RES-SFR:   9816 Millboro PL , BEVERLY HILLS ,CA    90210 MLS#: AR15208245MR LP:  $2,399,000
AREA:  (2)Beverly Hills Post Office STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:  
STYLE:   YB:  1958 BR:  4 BA:  3.00 (1 2 0 0)
APN:  4384-025-010 ZONE:   HOD:   STORIES:   APX SF:  2,742
LSE:  No GH:  None POOL:  Yes APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  12,601
LOP:   PUD:   FIREPL:   PKGT:  2 PKGC:  
REMARKS:  Step into one of Beverly Hills most tastefully re-imagined home. Basically a 1 level home!! Through the double entry doors, you are greeted with an open floor plan home with a double sided fireplace flanked with stone, separating the two living rooms. An oversized Dining Room with crystal chandelier and rounded lounge area is perfect for entertaining. A gourmet kitchen is at the heart of this home, with designer espresso cabinets, 42" Subzero built in Refrigerator, Wolf 6 burner Stove & Oven, designer glass backsplash, quartz countertops, topped off with a handsome waterfall Cararra marble island with bar seating. Glass sliders galore at the Breakfast nook, Great Room, Master Suite and 4th Bedroom/Office. Two bedrooms have convenient accessibility to a Jack & Jill bathroom, The Master Suite features wall of closet space and view of the tranquil pool. The Master Bath spa retreat, has a free standing soaking tub in oversized shower featuring Groghe hardware, Toto Toilet and a custom double sink vanity. Escape to your private getaway yard with a light color changing Pebble Tec pool, dual water feature, newly hardscaped and landscaped grounds and night mood lighting.  Click here to community information: schools etc.
OCC/SHOW:  Agent or Owner to be Present,Call LA 1 OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $2,399,000 DOM/CDOM: 5/ LD: 09/21/2015   OLP: $2,399,000
RES-SFR:   209 S BENTLEY AVE , LOS ANGELES ,CA    90049 MLS#: 15-924231 LP:  $2,349,000
AREA:  (5)Westwood - Century City STATUS:   A VIEW:  No MAP:  
STYLE:  Contemporary YB:  1962 BR:  4 BA:  4.00 (3 0 1 0)
APN:  4366-019-038 ZONE:  LAR1 HOD:   STORIES:  1 APX SF:  3,420/AS
LSE:   GH:  N/A POOL:  No APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  8,023/AS
LOP:   PUD:   FIREPL:  2 PKGT:  3 PKGC:  3
DIRECTIONS:  North of Montana
REMARKS:  Flowing Contemporary w/ Mid-Century-Modern flair. Unusually spacious one-owner, one-story, true "home" is well-maintained w/ period details intact. Elegant circular movement from the living room & family room to the outdoor patio spaces & gardens. Large living room has a sweeping, curved stone wall fireplace; large family room has another fireplace plus a swanky wet bar. Lovely powder room. The formal dining room is sunny as is the large kitchen & separate breakfast area; these areas take in lovely neighborhood views. Three bedrooms in one wing incl a master which opens to the backyard patio. Plenty of closet space. The 4th brdm suite is secluded & perfect for guests. Terrific laundry room. Private lush hillside gardens, an outdoor spa, pretty patio spaces: perfect for alfresco entertaining. 3-car garage. Warner Ave Elementary.  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Breakfast Area,Dining,Family,Living
OCC/SHOW:  Appointment w/List. Office OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $2,349,000 DOM/CDOM: 15/ LD: 09/11/2015   OLP: $2,349,000
RES-SFR:   9336 HAZEN DR , BEVERLY HILLS ,CA    90210 MLS#: 15-944405 LP:  $2,295,000
AREA:  (2)Beverly Hills Post Office STATUS:   A VIEW:  No MAP:  
STYLE:  Traditional YB:  1957 BR:  4 BA:  4.00 (4 0 0 0)
APN:  4388-019-021 ZONE:  LARE15 HOD:   STORIES:  1 APX SF:  3,100/VN
LSE:   GH:  N/A POOL:  Yes APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  9,919/VN
DIRECTIONS:  Coldwater to Cherokee to Hazen
REMARKS:  Escape to the private retreat located on a prime street in Beverly Hills Post Office. Enter to the expansive Great room with handsome wood built-ins & detailing, a wet bar for entertaining & sliding glass doors that open to invite a coveted indoor/outdoor lifestyle. The Great room also encompasses an open formal dining area with greenery views and flows to the step up den/family room with a spacious balcony and a warm stone fireplace. The cook's kitchen boasts a sunny breakfast area and plenty of storage space. There are 4 bdrms including a 2nd floor bdrm which could make a great Maid's room, office, or private studio space. Three additional bedrooms are located on the opposite wing including the master suite. The Master gets wonderful light from a wall of glass doors that open to the yard. The large lot is enveloped in privacy & highlighted by a dramatic grotto style waterfall & lush landscaping. Stone patios & a built in spa complete this special oasis. An incredible opportunity!  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Dining Area,Family,Guest-Maids Quarters,Living,Master Bedroom
OCC/SHOW:  Call LA 1,Listing Agent Accompanies OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $2,295,000 DOM/CDOM: 2/ LD: 09/24/2015   OLP: $2,295,000
RES-SFR:   396 N KENTER AVE , LOS ANGELES ,CA    90049 MLS#: 15-944869 LP:  $2,295,000
AREA:  (6)Brentwood STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:   631/F2
STYLE:  Architectural YB:  1960 BR:  3 BA:  3.00 (2 0 1 0)
APN:  4494-015-037 ZONE:  LAR1 HOD:   STORIES:  1 APX SF:  1,945/AP
LSE:   GH:  None POOL:  No APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  7,813/AS
LOP:   PUD:   FIREPL:  1 PKGT:  2 PKGC:  2
DIRECTIONS:  Sunset to N.Kenter
REMARKS:  Meticulously restored architectural Mid-Century, raised high above street level giving the home a masterful presence. Fleetwood doors and windows throughout, sunny and bright with walls of glass wrapping around the fabulous outdoor patio. Wonderful indoor/outdoor flow, perfect for entertaining. Serene master suite opens to a beautiful private setting. Large wood burning fireplace, hardwood floors, cook's kitchen with granite counter tops, stainless appliances, new double oven, gas range, Bosch, Kitchen Aid, Sub-Zero. New tank-less water heater, new roof, fire pit, ADT alarm, laundry room, lots of closet and storage space. Truly a must see property.  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Breakfast Area,Den/Office,Dining Area,Entry,Family,Living,Master Bedroom,Office,Patio Open
OCC/SHOW:  24-hr Notice,Alarm on Property,Appointment w/List. Office OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $2,295,000 DOM/CDOM: 1/ LD: 09/25/2015   OLP: $2,295,000
RES-SFR:   2790 HUTTON DR , BEVERLY HILLS ,CA    90210 MLS#: 15-909559 LP:  $2,250,000
AREA:  (2)Beverly Hills Post Office STATUS:   A VIEW:  No MAP:  
STYLE:  Traditional YB:  1951 BR:  4 BA:  3.00 (2 1 0 0)
APN:  4385-012-001 ZONE:  LARE15 HOD:   STORIES:  1 APX SF:  2,350/OW
LSE:   GH:  N/A POOL:  Yes APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  23,226/AS
LOP:   PUD:   FIREPL:   PKGT:  2 PKGC:  
DIRECTIONS:  North on Sunset. Benedict Canyon Dr to Hutton Dr
REMARKS:  Beautifully maintained and updated traditional on a quiet desirable street in BHPO. The Master bedroom has great on-suite bath, large walk-in closet and French doors that lead to the tranquil backyard retreat. Private backyard with sparkling pool, spa and fire pit makes it an entertainers dream. Gourmet kitchen has high-end appliances, heated floors and also leads to the beautiful yard for that perfect California lifestyle. This home has charm, galore and it's a definite must see!  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Dining,Family,Great Room,Living,Master Bedroom,Walk-In Closet
OCC/SHOW:  24-hr Notice,Call LA 1,Call LA 2 OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $2,250,000 DOM/CDOM: 119/ LD: 05/29/2015   OLP: $2,250,000
RES-SFR:   3227 ELVIDO DR , LOS ANGELES ,CA    90049 MLS#: 15-927039 LP:  $2,199,000
AREA:  (6)Brentwood STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:  
STYLE:  Traditional YB:  1969 BR:  4 BA:  4.00 (3 1 0 0)
APN:  4490-007-002 ZONE:  LARE15 HOD:   STORIES:  1 APX SF:  3,338/VN
LSE:   GH:  Det'd POOL:  No APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  15,583/AS
LOP:   PUD:   FIREPL:   PKGT:  3 PKGC:  
DIRECTIONS:  South of Mulholland Dr, North of Sloan Dr, off of the 405 freeway at Skirball exit
REMARKS:  This bright and exceptional home lends itself to any buyer! Open kitchen to great room leads to spacious living room. Fireplace open to both great room and formal living room. Formal dining room has gorgeous glass for an open and bright experience. Generous closet space though out. Bright master suite features a large master bathroom and french doors leading to patio and pool area. High ceilings and natural light throughout the home. Extra pool room in rear of back yard. This bonus room features a bathroom and small living space. Don't miss this amazing property! Also for lease $8,000.00  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Bar,Center Hall,Dining,Dining Area,Entry,Great Room,Guest House,Living,Patio Open,Walk-In Closet
OCC/SHOW:  Appointment w/List. Office OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $2,199,000 DOM/CDOM: 57/ LD: 07/31/2015   OLP: $2,199,000
RES-SFR:   1238 N NORMAN PL , LOS ANGELES ,CA    90049 MLS#: 15-943639 LP:  $1,675,000
AREA:  (6)Brentwood STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:  
STYLE:  Contemporary YB:  1961 BR:  3 BA:  2.00 (2 0 0 0)
APN:  4429-038-018 ZONE:  LARE15 HOD:   STORIES:  1 APX SF:  2,309/AS
LSE:  No GH:  N/A POOL:  No APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  8,859/AS
LOP:  No PUD:   FIREPL:  2 PKGT:  2 PKGC:  2
DIRECTIONS:  From Sunset, North on Bundy to Norman Place.
REMARKS:  Nestled just minutes above Sunset Boulevard in the tony hills of Brentwood is this three bedroom, two bath Contemporary. Dramatic from the curb with a high-pitched roof line, this airy home is bathed in natural sunlight via skylights throughout and has a nice open flow, room to room, and to the outdoors. Living room with a swanky stone fireplace on one end opens to the family room with yet another period fireplace, built-in bookcases and access to the backyard patio. Adjacent is a nicely-sized, sunny kitchen with breakfast area. All three bedrooms are in one wing, via a unique curved hallway, including a large master bedroom with sitting room, walk-in closet, master bath with additional closet space & dual vanities. The backyard can be accessed from the master as well. The additional two bedrooms share a full hall bathroom with separate shower & tub. Spacious grassy backyard. Attached two-car garage with direct access. All this in the coveted Kenter Canyon School District.  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Breakfast Area,Dining Area,Family,Living,Patio Open
OCC/SHOW:  Appointment w/List. Office OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $1,675,000 DOM/CDOM: 2/ LD: 09/24/2015   OLP: $1,675,000
RES-SFR:   10287 OLETHA LN , LOS ANGELES ,CA    90077 MLS#: 15-944889 LP:  $874,000
AREA:  (4)Bel Air - Holmby Hills STATUS:   A VIEW:  Yes MAP:  
STYLE:  Mid-Century YB:  1960 BR:  3 BA:  2.00 (1 1 0 0)
APN:  4380-027-019 ZONE:  LARE15 HOD:   STORIES:  2 APX SF:  1,400/OW
LSE:  No GH:  None POOL:  No APX LDM:   APX LSZ:  3,476/AS
LOP:  No PUD:  No FIREPL:  1 PKGT:  3 PKGC:  2
DIRECTIONS:  North of Sunset Blvd - East of North Beverly Glen Blvd
REMARKS:  A classical progression of 1960's modernist living tucked away in Bel Air's Beverly Glen Canyon. 3 Bedrooms and 2 bathrooms set the stage for a sexy and stylish lifestyle contrasted against the backdrop of mother nature. Bathed in natural light, this open floor plan presents amazing public space of living, dining and kitchen areas perfect for today's discriminating buyers. Lounge inside or traipse outside to the rear yard for penning your novel or enjoying your 5:00pm martini. Top floor has master bedroom plus adjacent bedroom or office. First floor features the third bedroom and adjacent bathroom. Large fireplace adorns the living room. Covered parking for 3 cars is a welcome amenity in this canyon delight. Roscomare Road Elementary. 90077 Zip. Minutes to UCLA and short drive to Wise School, Milken Community School, Westland, Mirman, Harvard-Westlake & Curtis Schools. For more information see Private Remarks and/or Contact Listing Agents.  Click here to community information: schools etc.
ROOMS:  Living,Patio Enclosed
OCC/SHOW:  Appointment w/List. Office OH:  09/27/2015 (2:00PM-5:00PM)
LP: $874,000 DOM/CDOM: 1/ LD: 09/25/2015   OLP: $874,000