Monday, September 17, 2012

Nichols Canyon Post and Beam: Edward H. Fickett, FAIA

Not many folks understand the vast body of work by the prolific Master architect, Edward H. Fickett, FAIA.  With over 60,000 homes designed, who can keep count or accurate records of all the homes he built?  modernhomeslosangeles can!  Always looking to help colleagues listing his work and owners / buyers looking for plans of their homes through archive research.  
3063 Nichols Canyon Rd, Edward H. Fickett, FAIA
Within 2,320 square feet rests this post and beam gem, built in 1959.  This architectural brims in taste and style.  The pride of ownership is exemplified with this listing as it is well maintained and without severe issues of  it's original integrity.  I always appreciate the owners who care.  Resting on over an 8,200 square foot, this home lists at $1,185,000.
You can see some more of FIckett's favorite architectural elements with the shade screening and lattice work above the living room garden area, which is softly hidden behind frosted glass in the front.
Nothing makes me happier than to tell someone the history behind their home.  It brings soul into the home.  I love a good story, and with Fickett, there always was a good one!  We are lucky to have the beautifully designed home at 3063 Nichols Canyon Rd land on market this past week, and respectfully, becomes my "Home of the Week".
This 4 bedroom / 2.5 bath mid-century modern delight is anyone's perfect fit for anyone looking for the California living situation.  Tucked up above Woodrow Wilson is a mid-century lover's delight of homes in the Nichols Canyon Colony.  I love the Fickett signature RED.  Again, red and turquoise always were popular with this architect.
You are greeted in the foyer with terrazzo flooring while you step down into the sunken living room with fireplace 1 of 2.  Notice the wet bar by the sliders.  It was 1959, after all...
The quiet and peaceful front garden off the living room is also shared by a bedroom.  Again the strategic placement of the lattice above help shade from direct light and heat, but most importantly for Fickett, the shadows it creates.  Always the playful one, Mr. Fickett was.
As you transition into the main living area, often identified as the dining / kitchen area, you are taken aback by the instant wow factor.  Fireplace #2 warms in the winter and becomes a beautiful architectural texture to the interior throughout the year.
This area becomes the homes mecca and would delight any family or buyer looking for a large open kitchen with plenty of storage. 
Fickett loved his patterns and symmetry.  As Fickett received a degree in ceramics, he was always doing creative design with his brick work.  You will often see some uniquely-designed cement block walls surrounding his homes.  They were all custom made for him.  No longer can we find vendors who can facilitate without spending a fortune for custom.  In the 50's the handful of vendors manufacturing them have since disappeared due to the lack of interest or demand.  But, I'm still looking for a replacement company.  Let me know if you know of one.  Perfect for entertaining, the home is equipped and ready for the masses.  Let's cork a bottle, shall we?
Oh how Fickett loves his peek-a-boo window.  I happen to be a big fan of the pee-a-boo.  You?  The window under the cabinets leads you out to the backyard and pool area.  Large laundry room rest behind the cooking wall. 
Down the center hall you find plenty of storage and the textured mason fireplace wall as it leads to the sleeping areas and access to outdoor patio.

The lighting in this bathroom is nuts.  Such beautiful soft light is transfused from the glass brick, it makes any monster look good in the morning.
The tongue and groove ceiling in this post and beam design is seen throughout the home, but featured well in the bedrooms.
With a large picture window next to the tub, all you have is privacy and nature surrounding you.  Between the pool, spa and sunken tubs in this house, anyone who likes to cleanse through water therapy would go crazy for the place. 
The back bedroom has been used as an office with more built-in storage cabinets that can facilitate all your office hoarding needs.
The covered patio area is a cool retreat and stays out of the sun's way throughout the day.
 Lush landscaping with a manicured edge, take your mind into a serene and tranquil state. 
I always like how Fickett designs his pool steps. Other architects and pool designers seem to think about them as an afterthought.  Not Fickett.  He always had the right balance and symmetry to his work, including his pools, and believe me, he designed everything: landscape, pool and architecture.
Check out this crazy action.  Forget about Bob, Ted and Alice...  I'm coming over for a splash next time I'm in the neighborhood.  This spa is awesome. 

To set up an appointment, please call 213-305-8537.  I would be delighted in representing anyone purchasing a Fickett design.

Eric Lowry of Coldwell Banker, Sunset had his hands full as the open house brought in hundreds of lookers.  Hundreds.  I was getting ready to call for a Sig-Alert!  Places, people, places.  The only question remaining is how much OVER list price this gem will bring to the current seller's?  We shall wait and see.  Going, going, GONE!

Listing and some photos courtesy of the MLS and Eric Lowry, CB-Sunset.

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