Thursday, August 23, 2012

sound. at the Schindler House Presents: Tape Music

Schindler House (R.M. Schindler, 1922)
Co-presented by the MAK Center and SASSAS, sound. at the Schindler House: Tape Music is a rare concert of music composed for reel-to-reel tape. The unique architecture of the Schindler House creates multiple areas in which this historic form can be revisited. Both recent and historic works will be featured.

The studios and courtyards of the Schindler House will be transformed into distinct listening spaces, each containing a unique work or collection of works. Noted noise artist John Wiese's installation, Magical Crystal Blah (2005/2012), will run in one of the four studios while William Basinski's live performance of Vivian & Ondine will take place at 5 PM and 7 PM in the Schindler courtyard; Pauline Oliveros's Bye Bye Butterfly (1965) and I of IV (1965-66), Mike Kelley/Jim Shaw's Tape Collage (1975), and Jim Shaw's solo work, Guitar Tape Loop (1975) will run in rotation in a different studio; and selections from Gary Todd's now defunct Cortical Foundation label, organ of Corti, will play continuously in another.

Saturday, August 25, 2012, 2-8PM with live Performances at 5 & 7pm.

Schindler House
835 N. Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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