Sunday, January 27, 2013

Solar Roadways: Pathways to the Future

One of my favorite green engineering projects is, solar-powered roadways, a project Solar Roadways has been working on for years.  Coming to a town near you?

When it comes to figuring a move into the green future, it comes down to infrastructure.  The concept behind Solar Roadways is the most resourceful out there in the marketplace beyond rooftop photo-voltaic panels, which have improved in the last few years to provide seamless appearance and efficiency. Still, more fine-tuning is needed with them.  It surprises me to think that local governments own a lot of real estate with rooftops, but they have not gotten into the business of green energy?  It would generate money without coming from parking fines or other ways that hit the pocket. 
Solar Roadways Prototypes
Solar Roadways provides energy flowing in and out of your home through street panels made of glass.  The engineering of materials is becoming more fine-tuned as time provides the company to advance.  Eliminating fossil fuels used for not only the gas in our cars, but the pavement the roads are laid. 

Check out the video below and hear it for yourselves.


With the recent advent of DWP's largest urban rooftop solar program in the nation, now buying energy from customers, we may might see a stronger push into greener eco-design engineering.  Unfortunately, I have to point out some of the stingey moves DWP is implementing in rolling out the program to buy back solar power.  Up until 2016, DWP will pay customers 17 cents per kilowatt hour for energy produced on their own equipment, up to 100 megawatts of solar power.  Applications can be submitted for DWP's Solar Incentive Program


Solar Roadways | Michéle Ohayon from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.


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