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Ray Kappe's Benton Residence A Contemporary Warmer

Ray Kappe, FAIA is one in a handful of contemporary architects with his philosophies deeply rooted in the mid-century modern mind-set.  His works throughout town have a grounded nature to their designs, simply due to the natural resources he chooses to use and accentuate through design. Kappe's residential architecture is often referred to and characterized as "the apotheosis of the California House."
Benton Residence, Ray Kappe, FAIA Architect
You can catch a conversation between Ray Kappe and former student, Shigeru Ban presented by the Hammer Museum during it's 2008 'Hammer Conversations', an on-going series which pairs thinkers from various discipline for engaging provocative discussion on culture, science and the arts.
Ray Kappe, FAIA -
As his homes are popular with buyers, we find them even being featured as characters on TV, as with The Benton Residence, in an episode of 'Californication'.

The beautiful design consists of a 5000 square foot steel column and glue-laminated beam construction, originally designed as a large addition to the existing home on the upper portion of the gently sloping dell it rests.  This Brentwood site is very quiet and private with absolute seclusion where a design integrates interior and exterior spaces with the use of large glass panels.
Benton Residence, Ray Kappe, FAIA - Architect
The position the home rests on the lot taking into consideration the surrounding landscape and existing major trees, while incorporating vertical grain Douglas fir, stone pavers, glass and steel staircase along with the metal fireplace showcasing the dynamic materials throughout this design. 
Ray Kappe modular RK1 design - Elevation A,
Kappe's modular home designs are currently being built.  As affordability is always an emphasis on Kappe's work, his approach with his modular designs for LivingHomes takes into account his passion for sustainability, affordability and environment. You will even find a reminiscent Benton Residence modular design with Kappe's RK1 eco-friendly design plans.

I should note I happen to live in a Ray Kappe, FAIA 1962 amazing design.  Even though there has been major alterations to the original vision by a previous owner, elements of his philosophy of sustainability can still be seen throughout my home.
Ray Kappe, FAIA - Architect, 1962
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