Saturday, July 7, 2012

Garden Report: Fallen Fruit Providing Locals for FREE!

While we are lucky enough to be located in California where farmers and growers alike enjoy the ideal conditions for various crops, we find communities going further to provide locals with free fruit.  Not only do we have the convenience in having relatively fresh fruit delivered to our grocery stores, we also have various Farmer's Markets located across Los Angeles throughout the week.  This year in particular, I have found myself picking fruit from neighbors trees.  This is something which is new to me. 
But did you know there are places to grab a bagful of produce for free from local neighbors?  As I have been obsessing of late on localism and the waste of fruiting trees not harvested, I am happy to present to you  Fallen Fruit is a long-term art collaboration which began with mapping fruit trees growing on or over public property in Los Angeles.  The collaboration has expanded to include serialized public projects and site-specific installations and happenings in various cities around the world. 

The community-based Fallen Fruit organization of neighbors from communities around Los Angeles has now grown into a much more progressive-thinking project established by the founders David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young back in the early 2000's.  I'm just a little slow on the draw... Project Gathering
As I begin my own treasure hunt in finding all things delicious and free, I invite you to join me in collecting the rewards of our wonderful city of Los Angeles.   Grab a map below.  Let's go!
Please let me know if you do take advantage of this fine offering and your thoughts. 

Thanks and enjoy!


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