Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Edward H. Fickett Reception Hall, West Hollywood, CA

The Edward H. Fickett, FAIA designed West Hollywood Park is now in the process of redevelopment known as the Master Plan and Capital Project. As the City is currently in design phase of the park Expansion(MP Phase 4 or CP Phase 1B) portion of this project, it is very important to let your council folk understand how important this architect was to our community by celebrating the conception of The Edward H. Fickett Reception Hall consisting the Bath House converted into a Kitchen facility, the Library to be used as a Reception Hall and the Trellis between the two buildings to provide shade for outdoor ceremonies. Please join the efforts of Los Angeles Modern Action Council ( LAMAC ) and LA Conservancy's MODCOM in supporting the idea of re-sue of these award-winning buildings representing so many of the important elements of the architectural movement. If the City choses not to recognize the Eratta Sheet removing the Library from the whole re-development, than perhaps the City will lend a kind ear to a novel and practical idea of re-use. It will only require keeping approx. 6,000 square feet of the total amount of green space proposed ( 4.7 acres ). That is close to an additional 3.1 acres than what we all ready have! The last beef really is non other than common sense. Why does a City want to spend money on watering of the grass? For more information, contact to ask how you can be heard!

As we approach a momentous time in History where we WILL see the legal right for same sex marriage, why not embrace some Cultural Heritage and celebrate Mr. Fickett and his commitment to us through his years of service to the Community of West Hollywood.

Other noted projects in the area the architect was involved with were:

  • Sunset Capri - 8341 Sunset Blvd, which was just featured in 'A Cut Above', LA Times mag. July 2011.
  • Hollywood Riviera - 1400 N Hayworth Avenue
  • Sunset Lanai - 1422 N Sweetzer Avenue
  • Fountain Lanai - 1285 N Sweetzer Avenue
  • The Palmdale House Apartments - 1415-1421 Havenhurst Drive
  • Sunset Patio - 1127-1137 N Horn Avenue
  • Sunset Riviera - N/A
  • West Hollywood Park Master Plan, 1945-1962
  • Franklin Medical - 8760 Sunset Blvd (now painted green)
  • Tower Records North and South - 8801 Sunset Blvd
  • 1128 Larabee Street, 1956
  • 1145 Larabee Street, 1956
  • 1351 Havenhurst Drive, razed by City of West Hollywood to provide Garden
  • Laurel Terrace Apartments - 1412 Laurel Avenue
  • Edward H. Fickett, FAIA Satellite Studio - 9026 Melrose Avenue
  • Cafe Gala / Kav Kaz - 8795 Sunset Avenue, the first openly gay-declared restaurant (aka SPAGO)
  • The Grenadier / Nick's Fish Market - 9229 Sunset Blvd

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